Since 2014, a certain player of Enlightened Rotterdam was obviously cheating.

Up till today, he still cheats. he kills GP's while spoofing, distributes gear amongst friends, participates in OPS, and has quite some ENL friends that really like him.

Still, this dude is obsessed with the game, as he in 2014 - trashed my hometown (spoofing) Maassluis multiple times ( just because i have a database ).

Years later, he kills a unreachable portal while spoofing, and the specific portal now has been deleted.

Yesterday, this guy downed a GP 1hr before the blue player would have had his guardian badge.


The player's Sickening urge to frustrate BLUE player is reaching absurd heights, while backed by his enl friends he seems untouchable.

As i, jerryhopper made it my DUTY to uncover these lowlifes that helped demonizing me since Ingress year one, i present you proof.


What kind of proof? -
proof based on their own DATA, yes from enl.wtf ( i've been accused that i 'made data up' to incriminate ENL, so here is data from your own trusted source)

Have a look at Ownage4real's chatlog. back in 2014, when he just joined the enlightened. even before the first visible action Luxviso 'yells' HI! to Ownage4real. - do they know eachother? or are they the same person? when time goes by, u see the communication going down, to the point that thereis complete silence. Except when Ownage4real kills portals.
Furthermore, the chatlog from LuxViso is most revealing.... talking about stuff in a way that make ur eyebrowse raise.

To me, its crystal clear. Luxviso == Ownage4real. (and probably many other accounts ) Could this be completely overseen by ENL? for over 2 years of spoofing/multiaccounting etc etc? - hard to believe for me.

Watch Luxviso 'statchecking' player 'nsti' who by accident was several times (NOT) seen at portal WillemBarentz or Church in maassluis ( enl-non-believers, just look it up.)
Many more suspicious stat-checks show this lad is most ibviously the thriving source of the negative attitude some player in this game has grown into.

So, next time you see LuxViso on his MOPET, this is the one that has been terrorizing Rijnmond FOR YEARS!
And finally we,-The Resistance - can now point fingers towards Luxviso, just like they pointed fingers at me.

I hope, this lowlive-attitude which has being going on for years now, make people understand me (jerryhopper) why i am crossing 'TOS' borders.



G+post about Ownage4real and the ENL Attitude and the deletion of KijfHoek *(and ENL reaction - check these LuxViso 'fans' going all out against me )

Chatlog Ownage4Real

Heatmap Ownage4Real

Typical playstyle Ownage4Real (1,2)

Chatlog LuxViso


Already starting to look different at ENLOPS where Luxviso Participated?

And how about luxviso's friends ? dont we see some familiar faces? (sherrifxmp,manyfold, frontnl... yes, all the whiners are there!)
For sure, Luxfratris is ANOTHER one of luxviso's accounts.....

If you are not convinced, why dont you ASK LuxViso @ his Homeportal.


All this data is made-up nonsense? Think again, this is data from ENL.WTF...